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We take great care to maintain the privacy of the personal information that you share with Luscious Luxshop. Please read through the terms and conditions below before sending any personal information to the Luscious Luxshop site.

By using this site or any service offered by Luscious Luxshop, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. By providing any personal information to the Luscious Luxshop site, you also agree to let us collect, use and share this personal information in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.


Process your orders, which in particular requires receiving valid information on your email address, postal address and telephone number so that we can confirm the status of orders and shipment;
Handle any merchandise returns;
Prepare contests, loyalty programs and any other promotional programs in which you may participate;
Study and process your participation in any promotional campaign, draw of contest organized by Luscious Luxshop ;
Improve the design of our site, products and services;
Enhance your shopping experience;
Improve our customer service by learning about your purchasing preferences;
Understand your tastes and purchasing history in order to develop offers and promotions tailored to your needs and expectations;
Analyze trends and statistics, for verification purposes and in order to create new products, enhance our Web sites, improve our services, identify needs and determine the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns;
Protect the security and integrity of our site and business;
Prevent any activity or transaction that is suspicious or fraudulent or that is likely to violate our conditions of use, and to investigate such activities and transactions;
Contact you if necessary about your orders or transactions or any change made to your orders or transactions, or following any changes made to our conditions and policies that would justify contacting you; and
With your consent if necessary, contact you and send you information by email, mail or telephone or by any other means about the products, services, contests and promotions offered by Luscious Luxshop, unless you have indicated that you do not want to receive promotional information.
As a customer or user of the Luscious Luxshop site or of any related service that we offer, you can rest assured that we will:

Collect and use only the information needed for the purposes set out in the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy or only for the purposes identified previously for an event, unless we have previously obtained your consent for all other purposes;
Not share or disclose any of your personal information to any third party or other organization or entity without your prior consent, unless as required by any existing law or regulation;
Remove any personal information about you from our systems upon receipt of a written request from you to withdraw all or part of your personal information from our files; and
Use the appropriate technology to ensure that the personal information that you give us remains secure.


While you are not obliged to provide personal information to Luscious Luxshop and its representatives, please note that if you refuse to provide us with such information, this may have a significant impact on or limit any services that Luscious Luxshop is able to offer you and any services available at the Luscious Luxshop site, and it may limit your use of the site.


In order for us to process the purchases you request at the Luscious Luxshop site, you will need to provide: (1) your complete name, (2) your complete home address and/or the address used for the selected mode of payment, (3) your telephone number, (4) your email address, (5) a credit card number, complete with the card expiration date and security code, or any other information needed according to the selected mode of payment. Please note that we make very reasonable effort to maintain the privacy and security of such information.


From time to time Luscious Luxshop may conduct surveys of customers and site users, in particular in order to improve the products and services it offers to customers. The information collected by Luscious Luxshop in such surveys is used by Luscious Luxshop and its representatives only for internal administrative purposes, is only collected to serve the commercial purposes of Luscious Luxshop, and will not be shared with or sent to any third party without the express consent of the persons concerned.


Luscious Luxshop may, at its sole discretion, initiate any sort of promotional campaign, including contests and draws. When you participate in any contest, draw or promotional campaign launched by Luscious Luxshop, it may be necessary to provide some personal information such as your name, address, date of birth or any other information that Luscious Luxshop considers necessary. By participating in a contest, draw or promotional campaign, you agree to let Luscious Luxshop use this personal information for any purpose it considers necessary, and through your participation you agree that any personal information collected about you, including your complete name, your age and the geographic location of your residence, can be publicly disclosed at the Luscious Luxshop site or on any other platform or through any other medium that Luscious Luxshop considers appropriate, at its sole discretion.


Any information sent to, shared with or communicated to Luscious Luxshop as comments about or as a testimonial of your appreciation of any product or service that Luscious Luxshop offers or sells, that it promotes or that it has mentioned or referred to, or about any other subject regarding the Luscious Luxshop site or the services it offers, shall remain the property of Luscious Luxshop, and Luscious Luxshop reserves the right to use or not to use such information at its sole discretion. The disclosure, sharing or communication of any comment, appreciation or testimonial or any other similar writing may include disclosure, where applicable, your name, your age and/or the geographic location of your residence.


Occasionally and as often as considered appropriate, at its sole discretion, Luscious Luxshop publishes a newsletter sent by email to inform you about promotions, draws and contests and provide beauty advice, news, information on how to use products or any other information or activity related to the services offered by Luscious Luxshop. Subscribing to Luscious Luxshop newsletters is optional, and you are free to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time.


Luscious Luxshop may from time to time use certain methods to analyze its site’s technology or performance. As part of these analyses, Luscious Luxshop may collect anonymous information on its users’ site navigation habits, including in order to improve the shopping experience at the site or any service offered by Luscious Luxshop, and such purposes do not require sharing or using any personal information.

Any questions regarding this Privacy Policy can be sent to us at lusciousluxshop@gmail.com.



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